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Friday, November 26, 2010

Belgian Linen Ruffle Tablecloth... They're Back!

We have been asked time and time again to make these 
and now they are back. 
We are making them the
original way 
with the 1/2" mini ruffle
and the gathered ruffled drop.  

But we also are making them with a 
hemmed ruffle drop, 
a little less labor intensive, 
and easier on the wallet.  

Sometimes when I tell a client that it takes 18 yards to make
the traditional tablecloth, 
their jaws will drop, that's $360 in just linen alone. 
Total cost $549
Well we can make them with a hemmed top just like our
linen voile shower curtain we make, and it takes approx 15 yard of linen, 
and even though that is still $300 in linen, the labor is half the price.  
Total cost $395. 
Basically I call it the look for less.

 And if that is still a little out of reach we do offer the 
poplin ruffle tablecloth
Size is 72x72
Fits a 18" round - 42"round just beautifully

Last but not least my latest 2 creations.
I made these today with some extra fabric I had...
Sage Cabbage Roses Pillow

 This blue roses and ticking pillow was made with antique lace crochet 
I had from a pillowcase. This crochet is so beautiful, 
Blue Cabbage Roses Pillow

I had so much fun putting this one together!

Just wanted to share some lovelies with you all today,
as I stayed home to create, and sew at my table. 
I did not dare go out with all of the madness, did you???
Write me to tell me how your shopping extravaganza
was today, this  


NanaDiana said...

Beuatiful-just beautiful! Diana

Sue said...

Beautiful things, and smart marketing as well ;0}

Take care, Sue

La Vie Quotidienne said...

So many lovely things. And no I did not go out shopping on Black Friday...there is nothing that I want bad enough for that!

chateaudelille said...

Everything is gorgeous and i really like the blue roses.Fiona

Unknown said...

Loretta; I love your blog, especially all the lovely and relaxed linen! I just finished some linen slipcovers and installed before Thanksgiving. I have followed you and look forward to reading your future posts! Hopefully you'll take a look at my blog too and visit often! :)


Unknown said...

Loretta; After enjoying some more of your blog posts... I've also added you to my list of favorite blogs on my blog ;)