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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White Vanity for your White Wednesday....

With all this cold and rain it's a wonder that I can get anything done.
This past week, I was able to get 
this antique vanity painted.
Layers and layers of paint,
rubbed through, oyster, white, cream, and with an antique finish.
Its truly amazing what a coat of white paint
(numerous whites)
can do for a piece of furniture.
I know many people cringe at painting antiques,
but to me its a breath of fresh air.
White makes any room feel soothing, clean, fresh
and very calming.

Thanks for visiting me today, I am off to 
visit my best friends new grandson...
Such a sweet little pea in a pod...

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Very Merry Mantle....

Well I actually accomplished something today... 
My goal was to find the rest of decorations in the attic
but, that didn't happen...
So I thew on some fresh garland...
Hung the stockings...
Found some really cool vintage snowflake garland at 
Country Roads today...
And Tah Dah...

 Since some of my Xmas decor is MIA,
I bought these white doves,
and my son made some snowflakes we framed.

 I have to say these have been my favorite thing
I made my boys grainsack stockings about 4 years ago
and embroidered their names on them.
I lined them with blue ticking,
and some have jute trim, while this one has vintage crochet..

Have a very Merry Holiday...
We are 22 days away and counting..
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Ready for X-Mas.....

I'm not ready yet... I just pulled the totes of ornaments down 
this past weekend, and I can't find everything! 
Seems like it's coming so fast,
but I was so excited to see all the pretty white and blue
ornaments, so I can't wait to get the 
tree this week.
Unpacking each ornament, and untangling the lights
are not my favorite part, but all worth it when the work is done.

Hopefully next week you will be back to join us to see how it all turned out.
In the meantime, I need to get some Christmas shopping done!
I went out this past week for a little while,
but I have to say
Country Roads is not only my store I sell at,
but it is one of my favorite places to shop 
for antiques.
You never know what goodies, you will find around each corner!
 Like this fabulous Grainsack sofa with original stencils.
This is a new dealer, her name is Sue, and i love her space.
Its so vintage and industrial..
 This was a chaise I fell in love with, Tim & Lisa always have the most
wonderful unique items.

 When I saw these architectural fragment pieces, I thought
of where I could put them. 
They are so cool, aren't they?
 In the midst of everything, I managed to get a few more
pillows done.
I love this monogram bolster pillow
they look great on the bed, or sofa!
 This one came out cute, I made it with the tie to show in 
the center. The tie is original to the grainsack.
I might keep this one....
Have a wonderful WHITE WEDNESDAY, be sure and
check out Faded Charms other Whites......

Friday, November 26, 2010

Belgian Linen Ruffle Tablecloth... They're Back!

We have been asked time and time again to make these 
and now they are back. 
We are making them the
original way 
with the 1/2" mini ruffle
and the gathered ruffled drop.  

But we also are making them with a 
hemmed ruffle drop, 
a little less labor intensive, 
and easier on the wallet.  

Sometimes when I tell a client that it takes 18 yards to make
the traditional tablecloth, 
their jaws will drop, that's $360 in just linen alone. 
Total cost $549
Well we can make them with a hemmed top just like our
linen voile shower curtain we make, and it takes approx 15 yard of linen, 
and even though that is still $300 in linen, the labor is half the price.  
Total cost $395. 
Basically I call it the look for less.

 And if that is still a little out of reach we do offer the 
poplin ruffle tablecloth
Size is 72x72
Fits a 18" round - 42"round just beautifully

Last but not least my latest 2 creations.
I made these today with some extra fabric I had...
Sage Cabbage Roses Pillow

 This blue roses and ticking pillow was made with antique lace crochet 
I had from a pillowcase. This crochet is so beautiful, 
Blue Cabbage Roses Pillow

I had so much fun putting this one together!

Just wanted to share some lovelies with you all today,
as I stayed home to create, and sew at my table. 
I did not dare go out with all of the madness, did you???
Write me to tell me how your shopping extravaganza
was today, this  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

White Wednesday....

Thank you for joining me this White Wednesday 
hosted by Kathleen at the 

I am a little late today with the posting, 
but I just wanted to wish everyone a 

Happy Thanksgiving
I was going to a blog post on some new items for my home I just purchased, but I didn't get a chance to because I was in the ER with my son last night. I guess with 3 boys I will never get a break, yes it was my son that broke his ankle this past February, well he broke his collar bone yesterday.
And so now I am nurse mom once again, I have to tell you, for the past 5 years one of my boys have broken something. I am constantly with one kid in a cast!

 I am going to keep them wrapped up in bubble for the rest of the year!
Here are some pictures of the store yesterday, 
I brought in some new inventory. 
So here is my White room....

See you soon!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

 I wanted to share with you some of my favorite photos of the shop at Country Roads.
I know it is ever changing, but sometimes it feels like my old shop when you could come and sit to have a chat with me!

 Thank you Melinda from Alabaster Rose Designs for sharing this great photo of your pillow you purchased from us! It looks just fabulous on your bed!!
If you have a chance to visit her blog, I just did, and it is so beautiful!!!!

come back soon!