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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

White Wednesday Surprise........

Wow..... I can't begin to tell you about my shop today... Hmmm.. Well I knew it was probably going to be messy, but when I walked in there, it was like a bomb went off! Literally... Furniture was EVERYWHERE. Pillows and pillow covers were taken out, thrown all over the bed. It actually looked liked someone slept in the bed too.
I had to laugh, because I don't think anyone could even get in there to walk around. There were bright red flowers in the corner from someone else's booth, a christmas apron on the ground. I was sweating today cleaning up the shop, it was worse than the boys toy room! Haha...

Furniture everywhere, you literally had to walk sideways to get from one end to the other!
Does anyone want to take claim for this GAP sweater that I found on the ground
in front of the sofa?? Anyone?

Well, after 2 hours of straightening up, and retaging a few things, this is what it is today, and I say
today, becuase tomorrow it won't look the same! Hehe...

These arm chair are so delightful... I love the ballet tie legs, and the ruffle cushion...
Very comfy, and can be used in anyroom in the house.

I don't have it on the website yet, but this roller rack is great to display linens,
quilts, and you can even use it in a dining room to stack ironstone on the shelves (RA shabby chic has is displayed that way in her new book)

I love the vintage aubusson pillows, this one is perfectly pale creams and tans. $129

Now that everything is in order, I can work on some more projects....

not listed yet is this ruffle ballet tie bench, done in the light natural linen.
Upholstry is the same linen. This would be perfect in front of a vanity.

Love the Vintage French Ticking stripe pillows, they brighten up the space ALOT. I normally don't do red, but this material was to fabulous to pass up. And hey its July, so red white and blue it up!

 The classic linen mini ruffle pillows won't last long...

Large French Armoire, great storage! Original Key, 2 shelves inside, with a drawer. Someone called to ask what the best best price was, and it's on the sticker! ("

The pretty pink ruffled pillow, says good bye as you leave my room!
I hope you enjoyed this White Wednesday, see you next week.

Monday, June 28, 2010

New York Times Chronicles.....

Purchase a bit of history.....

let us know the qty, they measure at 24x18x2.5"thick.
Use them to stack as a side table, or fill up your bookcase. Beautiful, Large books with the perfect aged look. Dating from early 1900-1950.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hard Work Does Pay Off....

Time seems to be going by so fast.... Day in and day out, so many things to do, so many places to go...
I need more time! Thank goodness for summer days.  I feel like I can get more things done. I have been working really hard this past week, to get some upholstry, and sewing done. I have used my upholstry scissors so much this week, I got a huge blister on my thumb. Thats okay, because all my hard work pays off when I see my finished product. Like this bench, for instance. It was a dark oak, and you couldn't see the carvings very well, but now that it has a Swedish gray paint, and new white upholstry it's divine....

I have also been working on this bench, which is so lovely! I love the curved sleigh arms, quite stunning. A masterpiece, with great carved legs.

Transforming all these beautiful pieces, makes me think twice about redecorating the master bedroom. But as many of you all know, I have been selling some of my favorite pieces to redecorate. I have some of the accessories, but no furniture yet. So we will see what I will evolve in to.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another White Wednesday .......

Hi Everyone, it's so nice to be back on a White Wednesday!
As the school year is coming to an end, actually today!! I find it harder and harder to catch my breath.  As you all may know, I have 3 wonderful little boys, that keep us very busy. But now that baseball is over, school is over, there will be no more rushing around here and there, I think I might be able breathe, and put my feet up, and relax.  Wait.... what am I thinking?? What am I going to do all day to keep them entertained???? Ugh....
Maybe they can watch me paint, and upholster. My oldest did ask me if he can make something on my sewing machine... Maybe I should break out the paint brushes, and let them go to town on some furniture?? hahaha... everyone says how they don't like the paint to be perfect. LOL
Enough jabbering, here are some projects that I have been working on...

This beautiful little armoire is all original rose swag carvings, I absolutely adore it! Its at Country Roads if your local and want to see it in person. If you are not local, its available on our website.

This bed is incredible, with the rose details, don't miss this one. Headboard and Footboard, comes with metal rails that can be used as a queen or full. Queen fits really nice.
We painted it in a pretty french gray with white carvings, and aged the paint.

This incredible wood carved cherub table was once used to hold a chandelier lamp, or girandole, can be used for a plant table as well.
We painted this in a creamy aged paint finish. Very heavy, and has a creamy color marble top.

Look at this beautiful antique console table, with the stripped down paint, you can still see signs of cream paint in all the details, this one we left alone.
Has the most wonderful cream marble top, all original, and even has enamel caster wheels.

This fabulous Secretaire desk, is in a darker swedish gray, with aged finish. These are wonderful, becuase they can be used almost anywhere in the house...

Bachelor chest on chest, haven't had one of these in a while, these don't last long, they have great storage, while still being pretty!!

A fabulous mirror, vintage, possibly 1940s, with original trumpet and ribbon and rose carvings. A rare find... Great size for over a server, in a bathroom over your vanity or living room... A great mirror looks good anywhere!!!

my favorite urn... An original, from Buffalo NY, solid cast iron. A beauty.... nothing more to say...
Last but not least, my classic mini ruffle pillows. All 100% Belgain linen, includes a high quality feather down pillow insert $79
I have many many more projects I am trying to get finished, come see us next week, again for more beautiful furnishings for your home.
Come see our full line of home decor at Country Roads, in old town orange.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

French Living at its Finest....

I'm sorry I have been gone....I have missed a couple of white wednesdays.... I have been very busy buying lots of pretty furniture, soon to be listed on our website, and displayed at our space inside Country Roads Antiques...I will definately be back this coming wednesday for more beautiful blogging....

I paid a visit to Roberts Home this week, and let me tell you about Robert, he is a  very talented designer.  He has done so much in his small space, I felt like I was swept away into some fabulous Paris Apartment .  His design style is so inspiring to me. He has some of the finest pieces.... I love everything in his home. I would take it all!! this mirror and dining table are just beautiful.

I love these pair of italian carved chairs that were upholstered in a cream linen.

And do you remember this mirror? Love this mirror! I don't think that I will ever be able to get it back from him, although I have tried.
This was one of those pieces that I wish I would have held on to..
Oh wells....

Below is a beautiful girandole lamp, these are getting harder and harder to find these days.
I love how the urn was used as a side table, with some books stacked on it.

Gorgeous Italian Mirror!!!
Thank you Robert for letting me visit your fabulous loft!! I can't wait to see what you do next!