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Monday, April 19, 2010

New Finds....New Creations....New Favorites...and a Happy Birthday!

Well, the weekend is over, and here we go, another week ahead. I went into Country Roads today to fix up my rooms, and fluff all the bedding, and fold all the linens that were pulled out, and piled high.  The weekend must have been pretty good, as my shelves looked less full. I brought in my newest creation, which is a revamp on the old "Seaside" pillow. I had just enough to make 2 beautiful pillows out of this nubby, linen. The linen is a natural finish, with white linen as the starfish. The writing is hand stenciled on with a dark gray paint. Perfectly faded
These are favorites for the summer. They wash up easily in the washer and dryer, and have a zipper for removing the down inserts.
Can be purchased at Country Roads $79 with down inserts
Size: 22 x 22
(only these 2 in the 11oz linen)

I found this beautiful antique server, below....

I am going to cut the top off, fit it with calcutta marble, and drop a sink into it. This is for the master bathroom. I couldn't resist the beautiful monogramming. There is such great storage, inside. I love the use of space, I will have with all the drawers. I also like the fact that the piece stands up on tall legs. It will be easy to clean underneath.
 I will be perfectly orgazined!  As soon as its finished I will post pictures!

So.....this past weekend, we decided to make our own pizza. Have you seen that pizza commercial (i think its for mastercard) of the guy that spinning the pizza dough? the "hey mambo" song that gets stuck in your head... I wanted to try to spin my own pizza dough, as did my children, and let me tell you, it was the funniest thing! Do not try this at home! I didnt want a store bought dough,  so I went down to our local pizzeria, and bought just the dough, it was only $2.50. And they have the BEST pizza dough ever!
Brought it home, spun it around a few times, threw it on a baking sheet... sprinkled the sheet with corn meal first (so it would be crusty, and crisp) I cant stand soggy pizza.
Layered it with fresh roma tomatoes, fresh mozzerella, basil, and roasted garlic, and goat cheese.
HOLY SMOKES... it was delicious!


Blow out the candles....yeah!!!

I can't believe it's another year gone by......
oh by the way if you ever want to make this cake, it is the BEST chocolate cake ever. Its Barefoot Contessa "beattys chocolate cake"


Sue said...

The pizza looks delicious, and I just got home from work and I'm starving right now! Happy Birthday to your "baby" boy! He's so cute!!
Take care, Sue

Cabin and Cottage said...

YUM!,YUM!,YUM!, and YUM!